Friday, November 29, 2013

DIY Dynamic Mic

This is a microphone I made out of "garbage" I had laying around. The shell is an old bicycle headlight. The xlr connector and step-up transformer I knabbed out of an old Stromberg Carlson tube pa amp that was beyond repair. The grill is from an old radiator cover, like for a house, found it in my basement. Rubber washer is for plumbing use normally, does the job. Used an omni-directional dynamic element from an Optimus (Radio Shack) mic I've had forever. The element sounds like shit, but it works. This thing is LOUD. The step-up trafo really makes a huge difference. The other day I added some foam around the element, behind the grill and that made it sound much more like a regular mic and not so washed/verbed out. I think before the element was picking up the sound bouncing around inside the shell, which was cool, but a bit too odd. 

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