Friday, November 29, 2013

DIY reverb box

Reverb box. The actual tank is from an old Gulbransen organ and says "Folded line reverberation device, made by beautiful girls in Milton, Wis under controlled atmosphere conditions". Awesome. The wooden box is from a fancy bottle of whiskey. All the jacks and pots I scrapped out of old gear and the knobs are from an old stereo receiver. I just wired it up to a little 1W headphone amp to control the levels going in and out. Really helps being able to adjust the input on the box, you can hit the springs hard for more of a slapback-y distorted vibe, or go easy and get that classic spring verb sound. Added an extra led so it has two now, I always do that.

Here's a few shots of the guts so you can see my shitty wiring/soldering.

The headphone amp you just wire so that it's "Input>Left In>LeftOut>Verb In". Then do the opposite for the right channel, so "Verb Out>Right In>Right Out>Output". Make sense? It works, that's all I know.

TOTAL COST: $5 (You get two of those amps for ten bucks, and I'm going to use the other one for something else...)

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