Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DIY Microphone Case

Hwhipped this up out of an old steel case for some 8mm home movie lights. Found it in the garbage. The lights still work great, but I don't really need a travel case for some giant floodlamps I will barely ever use, if at all. All I did was snap off the little metal brackets for the lights that were inside, just two of them, so that the case was empty inside. Then I just used the foam holders that came with the mics, stuffed them inside and stashed the original cardboard boxes for safe keeping. I added a little extra chunk of foam to fill it out, and some for the inside of the lid to keep everything snug. It's just regular couch cushion foam kinda stuff, my wife had extra from a craft project she was doing. All it needs now is a stencil of "Ron's Wrecker" on there. I'll get around to it. 

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