Friday, December 6, 2013

DIY Variable Impedance Mic Input Transformer

So this is basically this thing but made out of shit I had laying around on the bench. I added an old Stromberg Carlson mic input/step-up transformer I took out of a broken old tube pa mixer. Doesn't really change the wiring layout at all, you just add the trafo in before the xlr out. The VU meter I got out of an old broken reel-to-reel someone gave me a while back. I added in a TRS jack on the side so I could use it as an insert on a mixer, that just goes through the trafo though, no variable impedance. It actually works really well on guitars surprisingly, but when using it with the mic input, I like it better on vocals. Radio Shack project case, one of the black plastic ones, I used some huge old screws for the cover though, gives it a bit more of a vintage feel. I like those black plastic cases, call me crazy. Oh yeah the knob is an old bakelite, also from that mic mixer, I think.

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