Sunday, December 29, 2013

Old Cans vs. New Cans

I was fixing up some old headphones today and I noticed something odd. All of the old sets I have, like 70's-ish, have actual speakers in them. Like big ass speakers with magnets hanging off the back and everything. Imagine the speakers in your guitar cab or home stereo, like those. All of the newer, post 90's sets, have these shitty little flat things that have no style at all. Plastic fantastic man. Where's all the metal at? You can see what I mean in the photos.

The only thing I needed to fix on the old sets was the glue. Being 30 years old or so, the glue holding the speaker to the frame had wasted away. So I just threw some shoe goo on there and put 'em back together. The set in the photos is from Sears and they needed some new ear cushions as well. I stole the new set from some shitty chinese cans I bought a few years back. Don't buy those. They suck magnificently. Truly horrible, for real. Trust me.

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