Monday, December 23, 2013

Pedals: For more than just guitar

Last night I was mixing a few tracks and decided to try out the ol' Boss CS-2 pedal as an insert on the hi-hat track. Worked out great. I think I'm going to start trying out a lot more compressor pedals on things other than guitar or bass. For someone who doesn't have the money to buy one, let alone many, nice ($) studio compressors, this is the ticket. If you have an outboard mixer it's real easy, just get one of these cables and plug it into the insert on a channel. Then send the "Tip" to input on the pedal and the "Ring" to the output. "Ring Returns" is always a helpful thing to remember. If you don't have and/or want to buy an insert cable, you can just use the "insert" on the mixer as a direct out with a regular cable, then run the output of the pedal back to another channel. Works the same, only you use up two channels, which can be a bitch if you are mixing a lot of stuff off the board.

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